muscle spasms and mushrooms

Lately muscle spasms have been attacking my feet, legs and the left side of my rib cage. When I first got out of rehab, I thought the spasm in the ribs had something to do with the brace since it was so restrictive. Even after I was able to remove the brace, however, it continued, and it feels like the area of spasm has grown. At first it was a small patch of muscle just under the breast. Now it wraps around from under my breast to my back muscle; today it almost reached my spine. I’m also getting spasms in my legs and feet while I’m in bed. They are quite fun. This morning one spasm in my right lower leg got both my foot and the muscle up and over the Achilles area and extended around to the outside of my leg.

Not that I’ve been working out to the extent I would be losing potassium, I decided it was time for mushrooms. When I danced or worked out a lot in the heat and lost a lot of electrolytes, I used to come home and bake a potato and cover it with mushrooms. That always helped since those two foods are very rich in potassium.

Anyway, low potassium or not, I was in the mood for ‘shrooms, so I made German egg noodles with a light mushroom cream sauce infused with Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais-Villages Nouveau 2010. Wonderful. What a gorgeous color it is this year; It’s so pretty that I think I’ll ink up a pen with it. That is, if there is any left after drinking it.

Wine critics do not approve of beaujolais nouveau because it is a young wine intended to be consumed without aging. It has a fresh fruity taste absent of heavy tannins. Personally, I like this very much since tannins have caused me migraines in the past.

We’ll see if the muscle spasms ease up at all. I don’t think it’s related to the Faslodex® or to any of my bone lesions in the ribs, which are not, as I recall, in that area. If the potassium kick works, it will be more mushrooms.

And, maybe more of this wine.

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One response to “muscle spasms and mushrooms

  1. Best hopes that the mushrooms will help reduce the spasms. What an uncomfy sleep. I loved the imagery of inking up a pen with wine!

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