great way to finish holiday weekend

What are bangers and a boxty?

Followed by brown bread ice cream with apple cake, it was a scrumptious way to end the holiday weekend, courtesy of a local Irish pub. Bangers are sausage, which was Marvin’s dish, and a boxty is an Irish potato pancake that is between a crepe and a latke but closer to a crepe as it’s very light. The potatoes in the boxty are indiscernible except for the subtle taste.

We were in the mood for dessert since we had no pumpkin pie this weekend, so we ordered apple cake, which our server said included ice cream made from scratch there at the pub. Sounded just fine to us. When she brought out the gigantic piece of cake topped with ice cream, we dug in and were pleasantly surprised by the ice cream which tasted a little like coconut or nuts, but not quite. When we asked about it, we found out it was Irish brown bread ice cream. Who knew. What a new and different taste.

It probably won’t be too long before we’ll be hearing Oh, Danny Boy echoing from somewhere and will find ourselves veering toward the Auld Dubliner.

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7 responses to “great way to finish holiday weekend

  1. Oh, I would love to try the Irish Brown Bread icecream. Sounds amazing.

  2. Oh, that looks delicious!

  3. The Boxty sounds like heaven to me. I wish I had an Irish pub like that local to me.

  4. Now that looks yummy…

  5. YUM! Now I’m hungry. 🙂

  6. Sounds delicious! And that dessert looks like a piece of art!

  7. Come visit Long Beach, and we’ll go together. I know I want to go back for the vegetarian boxty.

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