AoW needs our votes for Pepsi Refresh Project December 1-31

I know, I posted about Army of Women yesterday because they need to grow the number of participants so researchers will have the volunteers they need to conduct good research.

Today I’m letting you know that Army of Women is applying again in December for the $250,000 grant from the Pepsi Refresh Project since another project got more votes in November and won the grant.

We have another chance to vote. This time we should put everyone on alert to vote. It will be a busy month, so the more of us that vote three times a day, the better chance we have to win the grant this month. Please put this on your calendar with a reminder every day.

  • Spread the word to vote.
  • Vote three times every day.
  • Put AoW in 1st place with votes from you and from your friends, family members, colleagues and everyone else you know.

You can vote right now for the Army of Women and Casting for Recovery. There are 1-2-3 Ways to Vote Every Day, and YES, you can vote all three ways every day.

  1. Vote online at:
  2. Vote on Facebook at:
  3. Send a Text message to Vote: Text 103297 to “73774″ (PEPSI) every day. (Standard text messaging rates apply)

Please vote all three ways, every day through December 31.

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