holiday shopping hints

For many it is gift-giving season in honor of any number of holidays during December. Before you brave the stores overrun with impassioned holiday shoppers, you might want to look online as many shoppers are doing this year. Last year, I wrote about the online companies that make beautiful medical alert jewelry; that is still a worthwhile look. I have yet to buy my own bracelet. The Swarovski® choices are fun and range from charm bracelets that can include not just your medical alert tag but other charms from any other collection to beautiful designer bracelets that have a variety of choices in color from clear to amethyst to multi-colored stones and pearls. The prices are good as well. Styles also include stainless steel links or other designs that lie flat and are less jingly on the wrist. Necklaces are another option.

Of course, head coverings are another option and are quite welcome during the colder months of the year when bald heads can feel every little wisp of chilled air. Check the sites at my 12/06/09 post.

Finally, if you’re looking for some little stocking stuffer gifts, check out the various smart phone applications covering a variety of needs, including some medical apps that track blood pressure and blood sugar. Check the programs at my 03/22/10 post as well as iPhone apps for breast cancer.

One new program that looks quite good, which I do not have but about which I have read positive reviews is iCANcer in which  you can track all of that repetitive information that you have to offer every time you go somewhere other than your oncologist’s office: all the meds you have taken, when was your last chemo, what was your last chemo, what is the dosage of every medication  you are currently taking and so on. It’s amazing how the little things about your treatment that you think you will never ever forget suddenly get lost in that brain fog when it’s 0630 and you’re filling out paperwork for your PET scan.

Recently, I have found several new applications which I’ll be checking out and reporting on soon. Stay tuned.

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