pink: awareness or trivializing

This is probably something that all of us with metastatic breast cancer think about when people start waving pink ribbons and talking about “beating it.” While we all acknowledge that awareness is good, we are also realizing that going pink has seemed to have passed the threshold of concern to trivializing something that still kills 40,000 women every year. When you have metastatic breast cancer, you will often hear from the aware, rah-rah supporter a phrase that usually makes us squirm: Don’t worry, you’ll beat it.

Maybe we need to reassess awareness. After all, it used to be that the hushed conversations about breast cancer indicated that awareness then meant being able to discuss the disease without shame. We are way past being able to discuss the topic since our breasts can be openly called names that would have made our mothers blush. Breast cancer awareness needs to be updated because, although we can speak openly about breasts in mixed company, breast cancer still has no cure.

Think about Pink. By Petty Orenstein, The New York Times 11/14/10

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