slow but sure

We moved to a new place in September. It’s wonderful. We love living here. Compared to the previous place which was plagued with a variety of problems, this is heaven. When we moved here, I figured that by the holiday season, which began with Thanksgiving already two weeks ago, we would have everything put away. As I sit here writing, I am ignoring the boxes that are still bordering our walls like some kind of new art installation. That’s it. We’ll just live with the boxes and present them as part of our latest art experiment. For the holidays we can string some lights around.

That’s one of the big differences after cancer prances into your life. You realize that what used to be 30 minutes of tidying up is now a major overhaul requiring Herculean strength and several hours instead of a half hour. When I work at unpacking, the biggest limitation is my back. No bending, no lifting. I make sure I’m sitting next to the box which needs to be at a height where I can reach without a twist or bend, and then I pick out everything piece by piece. Since my instructions are to lift nothing heavier than a piece of paper, I am careful. That’s a big change for me because I used to be strong enough to lift pretty much anything. It often feels weird having so many limitations, but I am adjusting. After we settled in a bit, my husband lined up all the boxes in a way that allows me to get into them without violating my restrictions. Little by little I am making my way around the perimeter. It is nice to see the workload decreasing even though it is not at quite the pace I’d like.

Last week we started transferring some of our objets d’art from their boxes to our display cabinet. It is kind of fun to be able to enjoy our art once again; it’s like we’re seeing it all for the first time. We will even be able to put up some of our hanging art, something that was unthinkable at our last place. All of it makes me feel as though we might get our place back to some state of some normalcy, no matter how long it takes to get there. For now my motto is slow but sure.

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One response to “slow but sure

  1. Accepting new limitations is harder than I ever imagine. In my mind, there is the person who once was able to do everything. Then I move and the reality hits me all over again.

    I do relate to you. Slowly does it.



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