musical memories

Do you like holiday music? I find that people are very divided on this topic: one group hates it and the other loves it. I am part of the latter group. A lot of my enjoyment probably comes from my sheer love of music. My favorite music is jazz, but during the holidays I tend to enjoy a broad spectrum from jazz to classical to R&B to new age and everything in between. Throughout my school years I sang in choirs and loved singing during the holidays. After that, my dancing always included holiday presentations and open houses at the sites where I taught. We also did a fair number of presentations at nursing homes as a regular part of the holiday season. From the beginning of December through Christmas Day I found myself immersed in holiday music either choreographing, rehearsing or performing. It was a lot of fun.

The best part of listening to it now, though, is the memories that surface. Memories of my dad’s playing music for us while we were all home together, usually gathered to share a meal. My dad was a consummate musician and performer and always honored every request from us for any song that we could think of. His memory of music was vast, and we could listen to him play for hours. He would often play when my mom led the holiday baking spree that churned out nut rolls and dozens of snowmen dressed in red and white sugar crystals. If it was a Saturday night and Dad was out playing a job, we would play holiday music on the stereo and sing and act silly—hmmm, I guess it was just me acting silly. At no time in our house, especially during the holiday season, did we have a moment without music.

So it is only appropriate now that I honor my mom and dad, who gave me so many cherished memories of Christmas, with the most fitting reminder of our life together. I miss them today, but I carry them both in my heart and will always remember those times when they showered us with their own brand of love.

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