sing along: garbanzo beans

garbanzo beans, so / fun to say, garbanzo beans / rhythm’s in dem words


Today was a good day to do a little shopping, watch a few videos and munch on brown rice and garbanzo beans.

Garbanzo beans.

gArbAnZo BeAns.

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© 2004–2010 Donna Peach. All rights reserved.

3 responses to “sing along: garbanzo beans

  1. Yum, I love garbanzo beans. You’ve inspired me to add them to the grocery list today!

  2. I think I have never tried the beans (or maybe I do but don’t know the name 🙂
    I’m wondering what it tastes like now 🙂

    • They are wonderfully nutty in taste and even texture, being a more firm bean. Canned beans are a bit softer. I like to cook them till they still have a bit of a bite, like al dente cooking for pasta :).

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