holiday rum balls

With the holidays here in full swing, I have been reminiscing about good times with my family. I always miss being with them since they are in Michigan and Ohio, and I’m in southern California. It used to be that wherever I lived, I always went home for the holidays, either driving, when I lived three hours away in Cleveland, Ohio, or flying, when I lived farther away. Since I have been here in California, it has been hard for me to travel back east during the winter. I don’t really have the clothes for it any more.

I think about my family all the time: my two sisters, their children (just two between them) and my niece’s two children who are college age and the same as my nephew who is expecting to enter the Navy next year. All of them were adorable munchkins the last time I saw them. No longer munchkins but still adorable. Thank goodness for FaceBook and texting; it sure helps keep families to stay in touch across the miles.

So, inspired by the memory of my family’s gatherings and my mom’s holiday baking tradition,  spent the otherwise gloomy day inside listening to music and making rum balls. These are not just any rum balls, they are my mom’s signature recipe. A favorite of my sisters, my niece and me, you have never seen goodies vanish so quickly. Mom was smart, though: she always hid some and would bring them out when we would be sitting at he table lamenting that we had no more of our favorite treat. Sometimes they tasted even better the second time around.

Today, with every little piece of dough that I rolled in powdered sugar, I remembered all those times Mom and I spent around the kitchen table making holiday goodies. Maybe I’ll hide a few, too,

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One response to “holiday rum balls

  1. Donna,
    A lovely piece you wrote. Would you consider sharing your mom’s recipe?

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