eyes switched from near sighted to far sighted

I had an eye exam the other day as part of my health maintenance regimen. It helps to have all systems in good order when you’ve got advanced cancer. I guess that statement is a little incongruous. Eye mets can occur, though rarely, so it’s good to have a physician who is familiar with you doing regular checkups. I have to return for the final exam with pupils dilated because my optometrist wants to take more time for a thorough exam for any signs of irregularity.

It was odd, however, that my vision has flipped from being near-sighted to being far-sighted since the last time I was there. My eyes have not really changed much over the years, since I started wearing a correction, mainly contact lenses; at that time both of my eyes needed the exact same correction. One time I lost a lens and started going without two lenses. I got so used to it I was able to use only one lens, which gave me the best of correction for my far-sightedness but allowed my other eye to focus on closeups. Probably two years ago, my prescription changed slightly. Anyway, I wonder how common it is for vision to flip flop like that.

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