I don’t believe in new year’s resolutions,  you know, to quit smoking, to lose weight, to go green, to exercise. In the scope of life, my philosophy drives me more than a single aspect. I guess I tend toward thinking on a grand scale more than attending to life’s maintenance details.

The start of the new year for me is like the automotive changeover. That’s the time, often in August, when tooling and equipment undergo updates and improvements to prepare for the new automotive year. When changeover ends, everyone moves toward launching the new car model. You cannot go backward, the equipment is gone; you must move only forward. I think new years are like that. You evaluate your systems and determine what will work as you move forward toward being true to your philosophy and achieving your goals. As needed, you retool and you upgrade equipment.

Your philosophy for your life is yours to engage. You can retool and upgrade any time you like, but do it. The new year transition might be the time, or your birthday, or your anniversary, or the birth of a child. Whatever time you choose for whatever cycle of your life, do it. Write down what drives you. Write down your successes,  your failures. Assess the last period of your cycle and determine what needs adjusting, upgrading or replacing. Rethink. Rewrite. Evolve.

Here are ten random points from my own grand philosophy. If you don’t yet have your own grand philosophy, what are you waiting for. Reviewing your philosophy may help you to delve into what makes you happy more than making a resolution to go green.
  • love yourself, your life
  • enjoy your time with those you love
  • don’t tiptoe through life; express your passion
  • abide more by freedom than emotional restraint
  • dance a little but preferably a lot
  • write down what bugs you, then put it in a box and get it out of your way for six months
  • think wisely and then, most important
  • burst your safety net and explore life
  • take risks; you can’t progress or have any fun if you don’t
  • live a dynamic life: create, change, stimulate others
  • dream big and chase it with gusto
Happy New Year
Ein glückliches neues Jahr
Felice Anno Nuovo

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© 2004–2010 Donna Peach. All rights reserved.


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