avoid the hype

Most of us in the community of advanced breast cancer are always looking for new hope in new treatment that will affect and decrease the numbers that count our dying members each year. It is sometimes not difficult to fall prey to slick advertising that lures with the promise of miraculous recovery without side effects especially when standard treatments fail or we face a crisis.

Today is a keen reminder that we must always look to science from sound research and avoid hype that exclaims that the status quo is not just ineffective but actually doing harm. It is worth the time, I believe, to read what has happened in the war against vaccines by eager believers spreading propaganda that vaccines cause autism. It is sad when hype wins over science, and we should take note when we read about those cures for cancer that offer only promises without solid scientific data. Always be smart and talk to your doctor and your oncology team whom you trust as well as the people who care about you. Seek advice from knowledgeable sources, forums and support systems. Refuse to be a victim of hype just because you do not trust the system; every system has flaws, but not every part of it is wrong. Read, read, read. If you don’t understand, ask more questions.

How the case against the MMR vaccine was fixed. By Brian Deer. In British Medical Journal, (BMJ) 2011;342:c5347

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