get ready to write

writing frees / me from the / shackles of my mind
♦     ♦     ♦     ♦     ♦

You may recall my writing in the past that I enjoy writing letters, writing drafts in notebooks, writing in a journal—actually, writing in several journals— writing on scrap paper . . . yes, I love writing, sometimes for just the sake of writing.

So, I am gearing up for January 23. And you should be, too.
That’s National Handwriting Day.
How will you celebrate?
Start writing, or at least, thinking about it now. One friend is writing 23 letters to send not through e-mail but through the US Postal Service on January 23.
Pentel Corporation is sponsoring “Heroes Worth Writing For,” that is letters of appreciation that will go to our women and men in the service.
I would love it if you would write a letter to someone you know with breast cancer. I am guessing that you know someone since you’re here at my blog.
Today is January 8th, so you have plenty of time to choose your stationery, your pen, your ink and your stamp. Don’t forget about the breast cancer stamp; this would be a great time to use it.
Forget email for a moment and just write a letter. Short, long, funny, romantic, dramatic, touching, simple . . . one of the nicest little letters I received once read “I don’t know what to say except I think of you all the time.” All that is important is that it comes from the heart.
I’ll be reminding us all to write our letters and hope to hear from you between now and January 23rd , letting me know how you celebrated the joy of hand writing.
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2 responses to “get ready to write

  1. Oh, I love this… I also love to write and always encourage people to write in notebooks, the old fashioned way, as well as using computers and keyboard.

  2. Oh I just love writing letters on pretty paper. Even more I love getting them. I saved them all. Since I was a little girl. Terah

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