We had plans this morning of how we were to spend the day. It all changed, however, with a phone call, and we ended up starting the day late. I have been very tired for a few days, so it felt good to spend the morning at a more leisurely pace than we had originally planned.

After the morning passed, we decided to have breakfast when it was nearly time for dinner. It was a wonderful breakfast, and we had a great conversation along with the food. As usual, photography was part of the meal and a couple of little errands afterward.

And then we stopped for coffee because I was shivering in the sub-60-degree weather—I know, I know. One of my friends from snow country has informed me that if I keep making comments like that, I will lose my Michigan card.

Anyway, my husband bought coffee for us and a couple of strangers at the local coffee house. That’s only one of the reasons why he’s number one when I count my blessings.

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