follow up with primary care physician

Since my last oncology appointment to review my PET scan, my primary care physician sent me a note that it was time to pay her a visit. She is another great part of my medical team. In fact, she is the one, who happened to be stepping in for my then PCP, and who, with the resident on her service that day, gave me the news that my breast cancer had metastasized. She is the kind of physician who covers all the bases, gives you time to ask questions and to respond to whatever she has to say and then confirms the next steps so that even this chemo brain can understand it.

As my oncologist noted, the PET scan showed something in my lung that looks like an infection. My PCP wants to follow this also, so it sounds like we are all working together to figure it out with the next scan (it sounds like it will be a chest x-ray). Also, with my elevated creatinine readings, she is changing some of my other medications (blood pressure and diabetes), and I will need to see her again after some further blood tests tacked on to my usual CBC at treatment time. The good part of all of this is that whatever is going on with that lung does not seem to be cancer. I’m keeping my fingers crossed since we know it is a sneaky disease and can show up in weird ways. I don’t stress about it, though, because, I figure, that will only cause me to toss and turn at night and may stimulate the cancer. And, we can’t have that.

Before I went to my appointment, it took me more than 30 minutes to figure out the new insurance and the new prescription plan and new health-care savings card, which I cannot use yet to pay for anything because it’s too early in the year and has no funding yet . . . We had to change, and it is going to take some studying. Quite possibly, we will need to learn to speak Insurance before we can decipher the nuances. Either that or remain dumbfounded.

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