40 years and still going strong

Late in December one of my friends who has retired from teaching told me she was leaving the freezing rain and cold in Michigan to live in Florida. My other friend was planning to leave the winter’s cold to help her move in during January. We speculated how great it would be to get together somehow, recalling so many fond memories of traveling to Toronto every Memorial Day weekend many years ago.

After the results of my last PET scan were good, my husband and I talked about doing things while life is not ruled by chemo and icky side effects. After thinking it all through, I decided to take a trip. Going from SoCal to anywhere cold in the middle of winter is not an option, but taking a trip to Florida sounded just right.

So here I am getting ready to visit with friends I have known for forty years while visiting my ex and his partner. We have had so much to talk about that it reminds me again how many wonderful people have come into my life and, though far away in miles, are still close in ways that they probably don’t even realize. I do think that the company one keeps makes us better or worse, and it’s one of the important choices in life that we choose well.

As I adjust to the time change in the quiet of night here with people who are warmly welcoming and very dear to me, I am grateful to have the opportunity of continued close relationships over so many years and at such a distance. You know it’s wonderful when you start talking and it seems like only yesterday that you shared a meal at your favorite restaurant.

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