update: kidneys and Zometa

I am celebrating that my treatment with Faslodex is working and that I will continue with it, I hope, for a (long) while. I know that some people get very good results with Faslodex, lasting for a few years, while others go for about a year before it stops being effective.

In the meantime, my oncologist wants to find out what is causing the abnormal scan of my lung’s right lobe, and that appears to be the focus at the moment. I awoke again today with a loose cough that lasted about an hour.

Also, since my creatinine readings have been elevated, my oncologist has submitted a request for approval to my new insurance for a new drug that will take the place of Zometa®. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and will post the name after it is sorted out. Several months ago when my creatinine was elevated, my oncologist lowered the dose on my Zometa. That still did not help, so she lowered the dose again. Still no help. She has withheld my Zometa now for a few months, but each time I got my reading , it was still elevated. Friday my chemo team at the infusion center told me my onc was going to switch my medication to another drug treatment for skeletal related events, so no Zometa again. Now, I am just keeping my fingers crossed that the insurance will approve the drug and quickly. Zometa and other similar drugs (called bisphosphonates) work for patients with breast cancer metastases to the bone by both helping to rebuild the weakened bone and by fighting the cancer attacking the bone. Zometa was good to me for a while, until it started affecting my kidneys.

The last few days, including today, I feel quite exhausted. Maybe I laughed so hard with my girlfriends that I wore myself out. I would not be surprised as we laughed through most of our visit, recalling events and then adding together our individual pieces to recreate the memories we had forgotten. Friendship is definitely the best therapy.

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One response to “update: kidneys and Zometa

  1. Which new drug is this? I’m getting Boniva/ibandronate, which doesn’t have the renal toxicity that Zometa has. The same osteonecrosis risk, unfortunately, but what can you do? Anyway, I’d be interested to hear what you are hoping to take…

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