update: denosumab (Xgeva) replaces Zometa

My oncology nurse called today to let me know that we are switching from Zometa® to denosumab, a drug only recently approved for treatment of bone mets in metastatic breast cancer. I posted about this drug back in November when it was approved for use with bone mets, having previously been approved for treatment of osteoporosis.

As I understand it, Amgen markets denosumab with two names, one, Prolia®, for the osteoporosis market, and the other, Xgeva®, for bone metastases (Xgeva is effective as treatment for bone mets in several cancers, not just breast, though I am concentrating here only on MBC bone mets). I will get my first subcutaneous shot early next week.

The important features of this new drug is that it tested superior to Zometa in the treatment of bone mets without causing harm to the kidneys.

It was already good news when my oncologist told me the Faslodex was working, and now it sounds even better to know that we will again have two drugs working to keep the cancer at bay.

No wonder I love my oncologist.

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