metastatic breast cancer: needs more research

Reading literature on breast cancer can be overwhelming. Some days I avoid it because it reminds me only of how complicated this disease is and how much more research we need to find desperately needed answers, like how to stop it after it’s got a foothold and how to stop it before it begins. Dr. Susan Love believes that concerted efforts will find the cause, but, of course, we need the funding to go toward that type of research, and we need volunteers for research, both from the cancer haves and have-nots.

This article describes how the very cells that should be protecting our bodies against cell growth in fact turn into cells that promote cancer tumor growth with the presence of a protein HSP27. This is a sober reminder that cancer is a mutable disease that adopts survival mechanisms by adapting the very environment that should be killing it. Anyone with metastatic breast cancer knows the concept of breast cancer’s adaptability too well.

Breast Cancer Cells Outsmart The Immune System And Thrive. In Medical News Today 2-3-2011

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