Superbowl Sunday sans football

A day to hang with my hubby starting with his fresh-brewed coffee served to me in bed, reading the newspaper, online, of course. Our times together are better than ever even though our times together might be simpler than ever.

We are not football fans, so after a leisurely morning we headed out for lunch at one of our regular spots, a brewery-sports bar that was obviously enjoying the calm before the storm. We left as the television monitors showed the teams running out on the field. As we headed out, we passed a healthy flow of exuberant fans heading to the brewery.

We hopped over to Belmont Shore, which quickly transformed from uncharacteristically quiet for a Sunday afternoon to high gear for people watching football fans, including a guy carrying a case of Budweiser and woman wearing a cheerleader’s skirt and letter sweater. In no time the sports bars and other gathering places along Second Street overflowed with crowds whose cheering echoed up and down the street.

We strolled in and out of shops deserted for the afternoon while its usual customers shouted and cheered for their teams at the nearby sports bar. From time to time we wondered who was playing but quickly forgot as soon as one of us started another conversation. It was a good Superbowl Sunday without football.

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3 responses to “Superbowl Sunday sans football

  1. Thinking of you, and crossing my fingers for your scan on Tuesday. And for me for my results on Tuesday. And for my friend Roberta’s results and oncologist conference on Tuesday. I never thought of Tuesdays as being particularly momentous, but I guess this one really is – at least, for some of us!

    Good luck, my friend…

  2. Donna,
    Sounds like a wonderful day. I absolutely LOVE the picture. I am praying for you and your hubby, especially for good results Tuesday.
    Love from your cousin,

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