celebrate this weekend

What are you  doing this weekend? Monday is Valentine’s Day, so this weekend I want to celebrate. I love celebrating. It may sound selfish, but I think the most important part of life to celebrate is the self. If you don’t celebrate yourself and love yourself, it is not possible to celebrate anything else.

I am still waiting to hear the results of my PET scan, so I am putting aside that thought and just playing with the fun side of life this weekend. Maybe we will  head out to a museum. Maybe we will drive down the coast. Maybe we will see a good movie. It won’t matter because it’s always fun doing something together with my hubby. Celebrating life. Celebrating love. Celebrating us. I never need an excuse to celebrate, but the upcoming Valentine’s Day is as good an excuse as any if you need one.

Hope you will be doing something fun this weekend to celebrate life.

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One response to “celebrate this weekend

  1. Celebrate away, my dear!! I hope you have a lovely weekend. I’m in the middle of chemo-induced Yuck, so have some lovely treats on my behalf, and enjoy them enough for the both of us.

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