remembering another friend lost

In December one of my buddies at the infusion center was missing from his usual chair. The last time I had seen him before that he had been having severe difficulty with his cancer’s sudden leap of aggression so much so that I could not see that usual sparkle in his eyes. When I went for my treatment at the end of December, he sent a note to us all in the infusion center from his hospital bed, letting us know he missed seeing us and wishing us a happy new year.

During my last appointment at the infusion center I got the very sad news about my friend. It was the very news that I wanted more than anything not to hear. His wife will raise their four-year-old daughter with only the memories of Ed’s jubilance and infectious sense of humor. Every time I visit the infusion center I will think of my friend, sharing his music and flashing his friendly smile.

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One response to “remembering another friend lost

  1. Oh, dear, I just hate every bit of territory we cede to this horrible monster – the loss of each spirit is just so hard to take, and the cumulative loss is so much light gone from the world.

    I’m sorry for your loss, dear girl. But I have to say it’s a comfort to know that our friends do remember us when we are gone, and my guess is that your friend appreciated you being such a kind and loving witness to his life. Thank you for being you!

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