treatment schedule

My oncology office called me today because we had some confusion with my upcoming appointment. Bottom line, treatment with most cancer drugs occurs on a fairly strict schedule, with a few days’ grace at most. When we started my new treatment with Xgeva® (denosumab), it came in the middle of the cycle of my Faslodex®. I thought I could wait and combine both treatments on a single day, but my oncology nurse called today to say I need to get in for my Faslodex in the next day or two at most.

At the pen show I picked up a fun little italic Sheafer pen that I played with today. It writes in dual strokes; I’ll take some photos. I think I am ready for springtime, so I inked it up with a green that is fresh and slightly bright, like the green of fresh blooming leaves in spring. Writing poetry with it today made me forget that it was actually a bit dreary and chilly. It also perked me up after a bit of a rough morning for no apparent reason. Some days are just like that.

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