rainy day

Waiting for the storm to sweep in from the Pacific. So far we have had only a couple of downpours, but all is quiet again. While the rest of the country deals with snow and cold, we are hunkering down for rain. Life is great in southern California.

Wanting to take a walk but not wishing to get caught in the rain, I used our treadmill. My stamina is still flimsy, so it took only ten minutes to wear me out. I do not have strength or endurance for any length of time for even walking. But I hope to keep at it so my endurance will grow. After all, it cannot deteriorate much more. I suppose the mess in my back has sucked out a lot of the strength, so maybe the only way to compensate is to keep trying and to continue with walking and easy exercises. I hate the disabling weakness of this stupid disease.

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One response to “rainy day

  1. It sucks, it really, really does.

    Go for it, my sister-in-arms – getting stronger is not something we take for granted. I’m back here in MN, cheering you on…

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