learning to pick good films

I never much cared for watching the Oscars until I moved to southern California where movies have a much stronger draw on me. It probably also has had a lot to do with the shift in my personal life from back east where I worked in publishing management job by day and taught dance and ran a dance studio by night and weekends. After I moved to SoCal, I worked a single job that, despite long hours, did not rule my entire weekend. Until then, whatever time I had left after working, teaching and running the dance business got spent on seeing a dance performance or music concert. Movies were unappealing.

After I moved here and, especially now that my life has changed pace again, I find good movies more than engaging. Thanks to my husband who has a much better critical eye, I benefit from his discerning judgment. When we pick up a flick that happens to be my choice, it invariably turns out to be embarrassingly bad. I’ve learned that this might be why I enjoy movies so much more since I moved to SoCal.

So today I started a list of my husband’s favorite movies that I will rent and watch so I can catch up on the good films that I have missed. Maybe I will train my eye so I will learn to choose films that I don’t have to watch alone.

5 6 7 8
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One response to “learning to pick good films

  1. Lol!! My husband and I are the opposite – he says that any movie he picks on his own has a 95% chance of being a stinker, where even a movie that I drag him to kicking and screaming has at least a 90% chance of ending up being one he likes.

    You may be right, that it’s a matter of practice – I’ve been a movie/drama geek for most of my life, perhaps because going to the theatre/theater was one of the very few activities that my dad would do with me that we both enjoyed. And I passed that enthusiasm down to my son, so that it became a bonding activity with him, as well.

    On the other hand, living in SoCal may have an influence. The sort of influence that gets The Kids Are All Right into the Oscars. Ahem. Enough said… (good thing I don’t have an opinion or anything…)

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