Xgeva 2

I am off schedule with my two medications, so currently I go twice for my monthly dose. We will work the Xgeva® backward toward the Faslodex® since the grace time for Faslodex is more stringent than the Xgeva. My oncology nurse said that the pharmacist becomes very displeased if the interval between my Faslodex appointments exceeds more than 21 days.

So far Xgeva seems to be very routine, and I have not yet noticed any bone pain or other side effects. I have been fighting off this virus that is making the rounds here in SoCal, but today I seemed to perk up a bit, having a much less cranky tummy than I’ve had for the past few days. I even managed to bake a little carrot cake in honor of my hubby’s birthday Monday. We are still celebrating, and I will continue through next weekend, when I expect to be fully recovered from this bug.

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