inviting you to join me in dance

I have just discovered that this Friday, March 18, 2011, at 12 noon Pacific Daylight Time and everywhere else in whatever time zone, an annual event will occur that we can all join, no matter where we are. It is the annual dance anywhere® initiated by artist Beth Fein in the spirit of recognizing all dance as an art form.

Being unable to resist dance and performance, I have, of course, registered as DancingSoles, the name of my past dance studio and current e-mail at I invite all of you to join me. Regardless of your level of energy, you can participate. If you can lift only your arm or sway to the beat of your own drum, you can join in. What do you need to do? Simply dance at the designated time, coordinating for your time zone with 12 noon Pacific Daylight Time. No length of time is specified nor apparel nor anything other than to dance anywhere. That’s all.

Dance is what gets me through some of my rough days even when I can hardly get up off the sofa. Some days I have danced only a couple of minutes. Others I have danced in my seat, barely able to rock my body in any direction. Whatever I do, though, it always makes me feel better. I would love to be with all of you and teach a class for my metsisters to help you experience the power of dance. I hope some day we will meet and will dance together.

For now let’s plan to dance wherever we are on Friday, March 18, 2011, knowing that we will share a moment together celebrating life through united movement. No matter who you are or where, join in and let me know you are participating. Write or call me if you have any questions.

5 6 7 8
© 2004-2011 Donna Peach. All rights reserved.


4 responses to “inviting you to join me in dance

  1. Donna, I will dance with you! I will dance in the street outside the elementary school where I teach Drama Club to 2nd graders at 12:15. When I go inside to teach them we will play a dancing game! Thank you for reminding me!
    Love, Elizabeth

    • Elizabeth, that is totally cool. I will be thinking of you and your students, knowing we are dancing all together. 5 6 7 8 with love

  2. Now that is something I can get into – I think. Not that I can really dance any more, I’ll be wiggling my toes and that’s about it. But even that might be enough to jog me out of these horrible Chemo Blues, without being violent enough to tip the nausea over the edge. So wiggling toes it will be… and a wave to my friend, Donna!

    • Eileen, That sounds perfect. Some days it’s all we can do to lift a limb just a little. Then it’s more what you feel when you close your eyes and listen to the beat. I’ll be dancing with you. Love, donna

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