FDA grants Avastin hearing 6/28-29/2011

Genentech, the subsidiary of Roche, the pharmaceutical company that markets Avastin®, has requested, and been granted, a hearing in front of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The hearing will be held June 28-29, 2011, by the Oncologic Drugs Advisory Committee

The FDA’s Oncologic Drugs Advisory Committee last November voted 12 to 1 to rescind the approval for Avastin as a treatment for breast cancer, citing the risks outweighed the benefits.  Since then, the breast cancer community has reacted strongly and vocally. Day one of the hearing will be Genentech’s presentations to the committee, and day two will be the committee’s recommendations. Dr. Margaret Hamburg, the FDA commissioner, will make the final decision.

Genentech’s presentations will include input from the public. As I learn more information, I will update this post. Stay tuned.

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