Faslodex 11: struck a geyser

Today was my corrected date with Faslodex®. I was hoping that we could merge next Tuesday’s Xgeva® appointment with today, but the pharmacist nixed that idea. Linda, my treatment nurse at the infusion center, who is always efficient and organized, said she thinks we may be able to get my two drugs back to one day a month at the next round. Since this time it was a nearly workable merge, next time should finally do it. I will be about four days apart and will be able to push the Faslodex forward to the Tuesday appointment. I had my usual blood tests plus either tumor markers or circulating tumor cells (my doctor uses all in a preferred sequence), but I will get the results next time.

It was funny today when Linda administered the second of the two injections, the needle must have hit a blood vessel because out shot a spray of blood that would have impressed the gang from CSI. Although I have had some impressive bleeds from my injections in the past, this was the first time I have had to stand still while my nurse cleaned two rows of tile on the floor. I haven’t been able to stop giggling since.

Next time I’ll wear a sticker “beware of geysers.”

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One response to “Faslodex 11: struck a geyser

  1. Is a CTC test part of the normal testing where you are? I haven’t been able to get one here, which is frustrating, since my tumor marker tests are useless. It would be very nice to have some other way of telling whether a chemo regimen is working than to wait 6 weeks or more (letting the cancer run rampant if the chemo isn’t working) and then having to get irradiated in a PET/CT…

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