sunshine finally arrived

We woke up to rain that continued through the morning, a lovely rainfall strumming its rhythm on the roof of our loft. Finally, the rain cleared the air, and the sun broke the clouds. Time to get out.

Shopping for me is usually a struggle. The walking with the shopping cart is the easiest part of it. Most of the trouble has to do with reaching for items or lifting them into the cart. The neuropathy makes it easy for me to drop items, so I am doubly careful and often have to ask for help since I don’t want to fumble and end up sending an entire display askew. I was so exhausted today that I cut my shopping a bit short, knowing that I needed to rest.

Shopping is just another one of those parts of life you never think will ever be challenging or requiring help carrying groceries to the car or from the car to the cupboard. Now, it’s just another one of those seemingly minor tasks that needs scheduling and logistics. A nap always follows shopping.

When I got home, it was a nap first and then some take-out garlic shrimp and brown rice and a moment to be happy about doing normal things.

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