Xgeva 3 and waiting game

My laboratory results were waiting for me when I went for my Xgeva® injection today. I did not like some of the numbers, but I will avoid overreacting. My kidney function numbers look a little off as do my tumor markers. I am hoping that the markers might just be a little aberration and that the current treatment is still working: Faslodex®, which I have come to appreciate greatly after a whole year of being on it. I can hardly believe that. Thinking about time passing is something I usually avoid.

It is time to meet with my oncologist to discuss all of this. I am anxious to hear her advice, but I am optimistic that the tumor markers are only reacting to something innocuous.

Waiting in this game always sucks. I think I will have some wine and mull over the good life.

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One response to “Xgeva 3 and waiting game

  1. I’m just glad you have tumor markers to look at – mine are useless, totally normal no matter how much the tumors are galloping all over my body.

    That said, the waiting thing really does suck. I hope that you get good news from your onc, and that there is plenty of good life ahead!

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