study needs participants: triple-negative breast cancer

Doctors at Southern Methodist University in Dallas have initiated a pilot study on the psychosocial effects of triple-negative breast cancer. Triple-negative breast cancer, sometimes called nonhormonal breast cancer, is a subtype of breast cancer that lacks the receptors for estrogen, progesterone and HER2 and, thus, is limited in treatment to only chemotherapy. In other words, because it does not have those receptors, the additional options for treatment, e.g. hormonal treatment like Tamoxifen®, Faslodex® and others, or Herceptin®) are ineffective. In addition, triple-negative breast cancer has a higher incidence among African-American women and women under the age of forty, and it tends to be more aggressive than the so-called hormonal breast cancer.

To find out more about the study, visit the SMU site. The principal investigator is Assistant Professor of Psychology, SMU, Georita Frierson, Ph.D.

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