National Young Adult Cancer Awareness week

Despite the fact that cancer is a disease of an aging population, it is true that cancer does strike young people. Women who get breast cancer at a younger age face the usual fears. They also face a belief system that “young people do not get cancer.” Because of this, young people find their cancers frequently misdiagnosed. Often, they find a physician who accurately diagnoses their cancer only  because of their acute self-awareness and persistence to find a clinic that will overlook their age in favor of concentrating on their unlikely symptoms. For young people, most of the time, symptoms are the only warning of cancer because young adults are exempt from the typical screening tools for cancers that more commonly strike adults over the age of, say, fifty or forty. Insurance companies are also reluctant to approve diagnostic procedures for cancer in young people based on the bias that they do not get cancer.

April 4, 2011, starts National Young Adult Cancer Awareness week. Spread the word and share the video.

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