peek into nature: Decorah eagles

As some of you may recall, I am a fan of pandas. I regularly watch the panda cam at the San Diego Zoo and find it both soothing and compelling.

Now, thanks to a friend, I have a new online addiction: the Decorah eagles in northeastern Iowa. A pair of bald eagles have fledged three young this year, and a livecam 24/7 (with infrared light at night to avoid disturbing the eagles and their eaglets) allows us to peek into their world.

The three eaglets are still tiny, usually hidden under the protection of the female. The male hunts and brings back food, which they feed to the chicks. It is only when both adults are present that I know which is which: the female is larger than the male (typically by about 25 percent). You can read more about these fascinating members of the raptor family at the site.

Take a break from cancer and witness a beautiful and intimate part of nature.

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