still celebrating 60

It was an interesting day from the start. I made an appointment to get my hair cut as I am keeping it very short now. I think it looks best that way instead of all fluffy. Too much gray on my head for my taste, but I can deal with the short, short cut. At least when chemo returns, I won’t have to cut off bushels of hair.

I like riding our little red bus to our marina in the downtown area and also out to another favorite area, Second Street in Belmont Shore, which is lined with shops and restaurants. That’s where I went for my haircut and then for a tomato and fresh mozarella sandwich and broccoli salad at an Italian deli. Then I walked the three blocks back to the bus stop to return home. In between the hair cut and catching the bus home, I stopped a fabulous little store that specializes in olive oil and balsamic vinegar. It is set up like a wine store where you can get a flight of olive oils or vinegars for tasting. While it might sound odd to a lot of people, it is heavenly to any lover of fine oils and vinegars. I tasted a few oils and one vinegar, which I was about to purchase when the bus arrived. All I know is I must return for that vinegar, a white balsamic vinegar with peach—how could I resist tasting a peach balsamic vinegar—having no idea it would change my life. I will return another day.

I cannot stop celebrating my birthday. I managed to get some paperwork finished after I got home, but the rest of the day alternated between napping and watching the Decorah bald eagles, which has developed into a full-fledged addiction. With three eaglets and the two adults, who share feeding and hunting, it is the most compelling sight, and several viewers are probably going to need heavy therapy after the eaglets fledge. I understand after that the adults stay in the nest only about a week longer for the last sporadic feedings, and they will be gone to roost and hunt until next year when they will return to the nest to start the next cycle of life. What a privilege to be able to witness this extraordinary event.

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