lessons from nature

Watching the incredible eagles at the Decorah nest today was nothing less than miraculous. Nature took its course as the eagle family we are watching—when I say we, I mean over a hundred thousand viewers (no kidding)—endured heavy snow and winds. Some viewers could barely watch as the adult pair, who are mated for life, switched places sitting on the nest bowl that protects the three eaglets that appear to grow before our very eyes. At times, rather than separating as they usually do to hunt and to stay in the nest with the eaglets, both male and female stayed together on the nest during the snow and ice storm keeping the babies dry, warm and safe. They work as a team, calling each other for help when separated, and sheltering their eaglets with both of their bodies when conditions are extreme.

It is amazing and humbling to watch these magnificent birds. It reminds me that miracles happen every day; we just don’t witness it, so most of it is unknown to us. When I watch these eagles, it reinforces the acknowledgement that much of life happens in ways that we can never fathom or appreciate. Still, it happens. Without questions answered, without planning or mapping or scheduling.

Maybe it is good to remind ourselves that life, even for us humans with our phones and computers, our anticipation, our education, our responsibilities, our troubles and our inexplicable need to understand everything we encounter, still offers miracles yet to be discovered. Shivering as I watched the eagles today reminded me that believing in miracles is a choice I wish to make and grasp for a long time.

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