Faslodex 12, Xgeva 4

Finally, my two drugs are now back to the same day. Xgeva® was off sequence because, after my oncologist’s terminating Zometa® for me due to the kidney consequences (elevated creatinine and less than optimal kidney function results), the approval for Xgeva came midcycle. My doctor did not want to wait to administer it since it had been a while since I had received any Zometa, so she started the treatment immediately. The pharmacists at UCI keeps an eagle eye on all of these drugs and lets us know if we try to push one forward or another one back.

After careful maneuvering forward with Faslodex and backward with Xgeva, we achieved a merge. Yay. This helps greatly since my transportation has been a bit of an issue. Today turned out to be a long day at the clinic. When I finally returned home, I was so tired I slept almost three hours and did not want to wake up even after all of that snoozing. Tonight I am still a bit wobbly though  glancing at the clock more often than usual. I know my body is ready to hit the sack early.

My labs now are less often. Zometa required a creatinine reading before every treatment; Xgeva does not have the ill effects on the kidneys as Zometa, so my CBC will be every other month. Blood tests went off today for tumor markers since last month’s readings were elevated. Hope the numbers are diminishing or at least unchanged. I see my oncologist for regular follow-up next week.

Linda was on duty with me today and, remembering last month’s geyser from one of the injections, stepped to the side when administering the two Faslodex shots to the hips. As always, I had warmed up the ampules so the medicine flows into the muscle easier than when it is icy cold and super thick. No geysers today.

Some sad news circulated the infusion center as we all learned that our very dedicated and knowledgeable oncology nurse Toni has retired. The nursing staff and patients all looked to Toni for guidance and support along with her encyclopedic knowledge of breast cancer. We are really going to miss her. We do not yet know who will move into that special role. We all anxiously await the news.

Highlights of the day: meeting another woman with MBC (she is the first I have met at my clinic) and running into one of my colleagues in the cafeteria and catching up with each other. Good conversation is always welcome.

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One response to “Faslodex 12, Xgeva 4

  1. I too have MBC and have just had my second load up of Faslodex, First on I felt like I had been hit by a truck and left on the road for dead. I almost said no to the second one but my will to survive won over. I had the second on just last Thursday. What a breeze.
    You give me hope in your great outlook each day. Thank You

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