weekend arrives in the morning

Occasionally I have an episode of my lungs feeling like they have fluid. I cough and cough and sometimes choke as though something is there that needs to evacuate. Then I wheeze, choke and cough until it ends. It wears me out. We still don’t know what’s up with that right lung, so I hope it’s just an unrelated allergic kind of reaction and nothing more.

This week I have had a few of these. More conversation for my appointment next week.

The weekend will be here when I wake up in the morning, though, so no time for thinking about you know what.

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3 responses to “weekend arrives in the morning

  1. Could it be asthma? I have the same thing and after all the lung function tests, the Cleveland Clinic determined it was asthma caused by allergies.

  2. Hi Donna,
    We met today getting our cars serviced and I really enjoyed our talk. I really think that those of us that have struggled with this beast seem to be drawn together when in a close proximity. You truly are an inspiration to us all. Your positive attitude is amazing to me and it is very inspirational. Please keep in touch. You look beautiful and there is definitely a light that shines in your eyes. Good luck at your appointment next week.

  3. Be strong, sweetie. I get coughing fits, too – I think mostly from post-nasal-drip, though. Stupid chemo is not helpful with the chronic sinus infection, I’m afraid. I hope your problem is something along those lines – something relatively harmless and fixable. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you until your next appointment. Keep us updated, because it’s really hard to spin or knit with your fingers all crossed up like that!

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