befriend ginger for chemo-induced nausea

Ginger was at the top of my grocery list throughout my treatment cycles with  chemo. I had every form of it from fresh ginger to ground to various teas to ginger snaps. It works for me, and I will stock up the next time chemo comes along.

This article in the New York Times indicates that for some reason ginger, though great for most nausea, does not work for pregnancy’s morning sickness. Interesting and curious. I note this because, when chemo’s nausea starts churning, it’s like your tummy is trying to scratch its way up through your esophagus. For ginger to help calm that kind of nausea, I would have thought that it would have a good chance at staving that wretched feeling from other causes. But that is not the case, so, before singing its praises to your pregnant friend, read the article.

Anyway, if you have not tried ginger, grab some that you think you might enjoy and see what happens. I used to wake up retching something fierce, so I kept a little sealed box on the night stand. As soon as I awoke, I grabbed two little ginger snaps. The crystal ginger sometimes worked faster. Sometimes that was all I needed for a while. Tea also worked for me as well as ginger sprinkled on cereal—when I could tolerate the cereal. If it doesn’t work, you still have the anti-nausea pills that should sit on the night stand with the ginger and water.

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