NBCC educates us to effect a cure

All eyes are on the National Breast Cancer Coalition now as they conduct their advocacy training. I am not sure how many members of our metastatic breast cancer community are attending, but I know that all of us are waiting to hear what they are learning. I have mentioned before that the NBCC has established the 2020 Deadline for the cure for breast cancer. To that end, this advocacy training is only one of the ways the NBCC is focusing attention on that goal.

NBCC also sponsors Project LEAD® which educates advocates in the science of breast cancer.

  1. Project LEAD offers a two-day workshop, an introductory course of study held two times a year. For 2011 one of the two workshops has already taken place (January in Tampa); the second workshop for 2011 will be held  October 21–23, 2011, in Seattle. NBCC will post an application online during the summer.
  2. NBCC also offers the Project LEAD Institute, a five-day intensive course once a year. This year’s date is approaching: July 17–22, 2011, in San Diego. Click the link for information about the course and the application as well as information on scholarships.

Be sure to pass along the information to others who might be interested in pursuing either course. If awareness was the mantra of the past thirty years, education may well be the new mantra to propel us over the the sea of pink and on to the cure.

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