MBC patient’s husband gathers support for Avastin hearing

As you may remember, the Food and Drug Administration indicated that, upon advice of an advisory committee, it will rescind its approval for Avastin® for treatment of metastatic breast cancer. Genentech® has requested a hearing to reconsider the decision, and that hearing is currently scheduled for the end of June. See my list below for previous posts with further information.

It is not surprising that patients with MBC who have experienced an excellent response to Avastin are worried. In fact, the husband of one patient has taken a leave of absence from his job in Michigan in order to devote time and energy to support the continuance of the FDA’s approval for Avastin’s use for metastatic breast cancer. In addition to traveling with his wife Arlene to Washington DC to lobby for the continued approval of Avastin, Terry Kalley has created an online site Freedom of Access to Medicine, where supporters can click on links to make a donation, sign a petition, sign up to protest at the hearings or receive updates or to tell your own story about your success with Avastin. FAMED also uses both Twitter and FaceBook accounts to spread the word.

Read more at this article in the Wall Street Journal.

Resistance to FDA on Avastin Limits. By Alicia Mundy. In The Wall Street Journal 4-8-11

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