Faslodex 13, Xgeva 5, CT/PET scan

My day started early as I got to UCIMC early for my PET scan. As always, I start out over at the infusion center where they access my PowerPort® with the correct needle for radioisotope use. I waited until the infusion center opened at 7:30 am, and then headed over to the nuclear imaging center. As I mentioned yesterday, I was watching my blood glucose levels, and this morning before I left home around 5:30 my reading was a bit elevated since my low reading last night. I sipped water in the car on the way hoping that it would help decrease my reading. Did not happen. In fact, it rose until it was hovering right around the limit for administering the test. I was starting to feel uptight because I really wanted this scan in light of my rising tumor markers, and the technician who was checking me in kept making remarks that he thought the test would not be possible today.

Thankfully, we did the scan; now all I have to do is wait for the results. Time for some wine.

After the scan I headed back over to the infusion center to have my treatment. We have finally merged my two drugs into one appointment, so I got both the two Faslodex® injections and the Xgeva® injection. I left there to grab some lunch and hang out until my husband could pick me up after he left work. That made it a long day. Good thing, though, because while I was at the cafeteria, I noticed that we had forgotten to remove the needle to my PowerPort for the radioisotope administration for the scan. I dragged myself over to the infusion center yet again, and I was glad that the infusion center is not far from the cafeteria in the main hospital while the Chao cancer center is renovating the entire floor of the original infusion center.

When I got there, they were nice enough to find a place for me to park myself out of the way so I could wait there instead of in the crowded cafeteria till my husband picked me up. After being at the hospital today some ten hours, he was a more than welcome sight (as he always is, anyway).

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One response to “Faslodex 13, Xgeva 5, CT/PET scan

  1. They won’t use my Power Port for the scans – annoying, since my veins are nearly useless.

    I was pretty close to the bg limit for my last scan, too, which makes me worry about the next scan. Stress levels don’t help – my liver kicks out glucose under stress, so my 160 level when I woke up just caused me to build up more rapidly on the way to the scan – 190 by the time they tested me at the radiology center. Urk!! What we need is some pill to take that will calm our livers down for a bit…

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