fatigue from activity versus from treatment

Every time I receive my treatment, I think that I become abnormally fatigued. I have realized that fatigue does in fact follow my Faslodex® treatment, but this week was a good comparison of fatigue from activity that is regular for me, like walking, and fatigue from treatment. I am surprised at the difference. It is tricky to describe, but the fatigue from activity feels, I don’t know how else to put it but, normal. It feels appropriate for the level of activity that usually makes me feel that way.

The fatigue from the treatment, however, is different. It feels like a sense of deep fatigue that wells up inside and works its way through my body and out toward and through my limbs. It makes me feel a bit nauseated at times and as though I cannot sit up or stand a moment longer. It is an immediate need to sleep; a nap will usually help deter some of the fatigue temporarily. This morning it happened so fast I almost dropped my face on my keyboard while doing not much more than chatting and looking at photos. I left the computer only to feel like I did not gain enough strength to resume any level of activity even sitting down.

So, here I am writing in between naps as I will again hit my head to the pillow as soon as I finish this entry. Sweet dreams.

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