post-treatment and PET scan

Maybe it was the combination of treatment and PET scan on Friday, but this entire weekend I have felt out of it. Yesterday I felt fatigued, but today I am full of tummy woes since it woke me up around 5:30 this morning. It is a challenge to drink water so I can flush out my system from the PET scan’s radioisotope. Or else I caught some virus while hanging around in the cafeteria between appointments.

I had hoped to get out a bit, but that was not to happen. The fourth annual Love Walk/Run took place today in Pacific Palisades for Dr. Susan Love’s Research Foundation. It should have been a good day for the event with the temperature being moderate.

The other event, local to Long Beach, was our annual Pride parade, one of the best outside San Francisco and also very family friendly. The last time I made it was in 2008, just as my back pain started, signaling my breast cancer had metastasized (my diagnosis came in January 2009). It’s hard to believe that was three years ago.

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