fraudulent use of handicapped parking and placards rising

When I got my handicapped placard, I noticed how many times the spots on the street designated as handicapped parking were filled. In fact, although it is not always possible to know if someone is or is not handicapped by visual observation, I have noticed more often than not that the people using placards are often capable enough to walk briskly and even at a bit of a run and thus wondered whether they were using a placard legally.

Now, it seems the state of California is attempting to crack down on the illegal use of placards, which, they say, has risen to about one-third of all placards being used on the street. With LA county’s significant fees for parking at $4.00 and higher in places, the temptation to obtain and use a placard fraudulently is at an all time high.

It is obvious to me because it seems I have too often found it impossible to park in a handicapped place as most of them are filled when I need to park. I have applied for a parking place near my building, and it will be interesting to see how long it will take for the city to respond to the request. In 2009 I blogged about someone who badgered me about using a handicapped parking place, insisting that he had some kind of ownership of the handicapped space on the public street where I had parked. When I did some research at that time, I learned about a site to report fraudulent use of placards and parking spaces. I am not sure anything can be done about a fraud, but maybe it would feel good to post it on the site.

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One response to “fraudulent use of handicapped parking and placards rising

  1. I suppose it is possible that the guy who hassled you is someone who applied to get a spot designated near his residence, for the same reason you applied for yours… I imagine in that case he could think of the spot as being his, even though legally anyone with a handicapped placard can park in such a space. Of course it is especially problematic if they do so for a long time, leaving you with no space near your residence to park.

    In some ways, it is too bad that when you have a handicapped space placed in front of your home, you are still forced to allow strangers with placards to park there. For some people, walking an extra half a block or more is simply not possible; there have been times this past winter when I simply couldn’t get to my house, and had to go find somewhere to sit for an unnamed amount of time, until someone cleared out of a space closer to my home.

    It would be good if the qualifications for getting the placards were stiffened up; I get the impression from my doctor’s nurse that a lot of people are applying (and getting placards) that are not truly incapable of walking longer distances – they just want the convenience, and take advantage of the system. As it is, I suppose a reporting system is better than nothing…

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