Getty beckoned today

I don’t know how we managed to make it almost a year without a visit to the Getty. Before cancer came trolling along, we used to go sometimes twice or three times a year. After this week of lying low I could not have been happier when Marvin suggested we drive up to LA see the exhibit on Cuba with photos from Walker Evans and others.

The winds have been gusting to around 40 miles per hour the last two days, so the air was fresh and clean. Mountains frame LA, but sometimes the haze or smog impedes the view. Today, we could see the mountains with crystal clarity.

The Getty restaurant is always a treat, so we normally opt for eating at there when we visit. I had crab cakes Benedict and a honey blossom martini, and Marvin had duck chilaquiles and a jalapeno martini. It was all delicious and seemed a perfect way to start our day viewing. We loved the photos and enjoyed learning about the amazing artists behind the cameras.

My walker kept me going for a while, but then Marvin converted it to the wheelchair mode and pushed me through the rest of the exhibit. Guess I’m still a little whacked out from whatever was going on with me this week.

Or maybe it had something to do with the martini . . . I’m sure the martini had a little to do with this photo that I shot of my husband and the giant roses.

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2 responses to “Getty beckoned today

  1. Really enjoyed the adorable pictures of you & Marvin with the big roses in front of his handsome face 🙂
    Also, very interesting observation of people ignoring your presence due to your disability using a wheelchair for your mobility 😦 This only proves how rude & cruel people can be . How is it that they are forgetting that could be him or her some day !! I have witnessed the very same ignorant behaviour or lack of courtesy in similar situations such as yours : such a lack of human respect !!!
    My compliments to both of you on such a great article 🙂 Love,Angie

  2. I love the photo with the roses – awesome!

    And I’m really glad you were able to enjoy your day of art and yumminess (I am very fond of crab cake benedicts, myself – my local provider just took it off their menu, darnit!!)

    Hope you are feeling better soon…


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