suddenly allergies

Through my whole life I have never had to deal with allergies. One of my sisters had terrible hay fever, and I remember waking up in the morning and seeing her eyes so swollen and red she could barely open them. She suffered like that for a long time. As we grew to adulthood, her allergies waned a bit, though spring always brought her sneezing, itching and watery eyes and the rest of the usual misery. I always considered myself lucky that Angie was the only one of the three sisters who got struck down in the spring when the rest of us were just glad to see sunshine in Michigan.

My husband also has had allergies severe enough to consider shots, though somehow he has always ended up taking pills. In the last year or so, however, something strange has happened. He seems to be nearly allergy free, and I, on the other hand, have the worst case of symptoms, chiefly the red, burning and itching eyes. I have been avoiding taking any medications for it because they seem to make me a bit groggy, and, sheesh, I am already groggy.

Tonight, though after realizing my left eye looks near infection because I just can’t seem to stop rubbing it, I guess it’s time to take a pill.

How funny after all these years that I develop sinus allergies and in a place that would seem to be the least likely of all the places I have lived.

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4 responses to “suddenly allergies

  1. All of your posts affect me but I might be able to help with this one. All of the sudden, I too, have the same issue. Eye drops have made all the difference. I am using Refresh Optive. Hugs and love, Suzanne

  2. Donna,
    Are you sure that you are dealing with allergies? That could be a symptom of a dry eyes caused by hormonal treatment.I am having the same problem and the eye drops help a lot. I am using Refresh Celluvisc and Systane Ultra. The others do not work.

  3. I too have never had allergies but I’ve been suffering for several weeks now with itchy, watery eyes. I just finished 6 rounds of cytoxin and taxotere –my third time to have chemo for breast cancer. In March my right eye started watering and a few weeks later the left. The only time it has abated is when I use a Rx from dr for a steroid eye drop and that makes it tolerable but not perfect. I empathize.

  4. There are drops specifically for allergies, some prescription, and they worked okay for me – but they stung, and dried out my eyes, and generally I found them difficult to manage (among other things, the ones I had required refrigeration, which means I didn’t have them while traveling to areas/homes where people had a lot of things I was allergic to hanging around).

    Claritin does nothing for my nasal allergies, but does help my eyes. Zyrtec seems to help with both eyes and nasal stuff, and I don’t think it makes me terribly sleepy… and I only have to take it once a day, which is nice. For what that’s worth. Good luck!!

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