how about some vinegar to lower blood glucose

Recently, I wrote about my last PET scan which the technician almost did not run because my blood glucose was running high. The reason for problem is that since my kidney issues from Zometa®, my primary care physician (PCP) removed Metformin® from my medications because it is also not kind to the kidneys. That means I am controlling my diabetes with diet and exercise. The morning I was to get my PET scan, my blood glucose, frequently high in the morning, rose all the way to 155 by the time I was ready for the scan. That is right at the limit for acceptable blood glucose for administering a PET scan.

I have done some reading about ways to keep my blood glucose reduced, and I remembered reading something about a year ago that Marvin had seen in an online article. It had to do with a study of vinegar that showed results of reduced blood glucose levels both following meals and in the morning following ingestion of one to two tablespoons of cider vinegar pre-meal and at night. Here is another current blog entry from Diabetes Self Management.

Thinking that because I really like vinegar a lot, I would not have a hard time taking a dose before meals and at night. I am having to rethink this because my stomach seems to take the vinegar dose as an assault, and I am doing everything I can to keep it down. Although it is fine to take it with food and during the day when I can add the vinegar to the food as a salad dressing, first thing in the morning and last thing at night is just a bit of a trick to tolerate vinegar solo.

I am on the hunt for vinegar pills, which are supposed to work just as well without the nauseating effects. As soon as I find them and have a chance to get some of my readings, I will report back.

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One response to “how about some vinegar to lower blood glucose

  1. Please let us know, because I am having the same problem, except that it’s the bloody Abraxane causing the glucose issues, and it’s getting insane – I’m getting numbers over 200 now, ack!! I tried the vinegar for about one day, because it definitely did a number on my stomach – I didn’t know about the pill option! I will be VERY interested to see if you find it both effective and tolerable…

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