reading books again

I used to love reading. I still do, but I have read few books since having metastatic breast cancer. Focusing is a big challenge for me sometimes, and I find myself falling asleep as soon as I get into a couple of pages. That happens shortly after I reread the last page or two from the previous session because I cannot keep anything in my head for an extended time. I am trying to read The Emperor of All Maladies, which is a great read, but I have started it over and over again hoping each time that this will be the time I can progress past the first chapter.

Reading articles is fine, though sometimes I have to read a paragraph a couple of times before it sticks. I  hate that. It ruins the beauty of the flow, which is important. Reading has a rhythmic component, and that is part of the enjoyment for me. For my birthday my husband got me an iPad, so that might help since I can carry that with me wherever I am and that alone will help. Sometimes I am just too tired to get up and retrieve a book from the last place I left it, usually in the other room.

I am still feeling lousy, as though I have some kind of a tummy virus even though I do not believe I do. I slept most of today, drinking juice and water between naps. Oh, yeah, I finished watching the finals match that we recorded between Federer and Nadal and cried for Federer, even though I think the match was as good as it could be. No luck there, only pure adrenaline and many magical moments on that red clay.

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2 responses to “reading books again

  1. I can only get books read on audio book, mostly on cds from the library that I listen to in my car while driving carpool or commuting to work. I find I can get through more difficult material if it is read outloud by someone else and I just listen to it, history of Napoleonic wars, for instance. you might find listening to podcasts on your new ipad easier.

  2. Let me know how the iPad works, we’ve been thinking about that one ourselves…

    Good luck on the reading thing. I seem to go through phases, sometimes able to read fine, sometimes only light reading, sometimes just getting through a couple sentences is too much for my ability to focus/stay awake. I guess we’ve just got to go with the flow.

    Actually, given everything as it is, I’m pretty amazed at what a prolific and talented writer you are – I’m a fan!

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