scooting has its place

After lying low too much for my taste, I got out today for a little while. I love to be outside, so I figured a quick trip with the scooter to the grocery store was the perfect errand. I don’t have a lot of space on the scooter for groceries, so I filled up the basket on the front and the back pack that my hubby installed over the seat with all the goodies I could grab. They had so many appealing veggies and fruit I think I will need to return tomorrow for a second pass. The big treat today was a gorgeous pineapple, which we gobbled up this evening in no time. Pineapple is one of my favorite fruits, and fresh pineapple is a gift from heaven.

For a long time I hated to use my scooter, but I have decided that my attitude needed adjusting. Walking with my walker is still an option, but it takes me so long to get anywhere that way that it makes doing an errand or two a full morning or afternoon. I want to sometimes get out and back in only an hour or two. The scooter allows me to do that. I don’t like having to rely on it, and I want to walk as much as I can. But my walking skill is not at all an efficient use of my time. I need to walk just for fitness, but I realized only recently that scooting is a better option for efficiency.

I see many scooting trips around town in the near future.

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One response to “scooting has its place

  1. the fact is that walking hurts, and that detracts from our ability to pay attention and enjoy what is going on around us. Yes, it’s good for us (I hope), but enjoying life is important, too. Glad you are getting out and about, stimulating your mind and spirit!! Have fun!

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